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Brian acts as Liz Bonin's regular stand-in on Celebrity Extra on LIVINGtv. For those not in the know, Celebrity Extra is one of the hottest entertainment news shows in the UK! A magazine-style show it takes in showbiz gossip, celeb interviews, film premieres and all the latest news from the world of showbiz.



Brian has covered numerous premieres for the show and did a fantastic job of the red carpet arrivals for the World Premiere of Miss Congeniality 2 starring Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant. Not only were his star interviews relayed into the theatre to the waiting audience they were also captured on video for the Warner Brothers Official Miss Congeniality 2 website.

There have been plenty of opportunities for Brian to exercise his great interviewing technique on the show with guests ranging from Gail Porter from Dead Famous to the stars of his favourite soaps.

He has charmed Halle Berry and Sharon Stone during his Catwoman interviews, and some dodgy information from a researcher for the meeting with Ricky Gervais led to some hilarious responses from both Ricky and Brian, making it one of the most enjoyable of his interviews to watch so far.

His music interviews have ranged from Donny Osmond to ex Spice Girl Mel C, and his most recent jaunt sent him to France to interview film producer Ridley Scott and get into Orlando Bloom's costume from Kingdom of Heaven.




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