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Brian's Boyfriends is a makeover show with a twist. Each week Brian meets a one half of a couple, who are experiencing some difficulties with their partners! They will set Brian three separate objectives, for Brian to tackle! Brian then surprises the boyfriend in question, discusses what his partner has flagged up and sets about making the necessary changes in Brian's own inimitable style!

Later, Brian returns the new revamped guy to his partner and witnesses their initial reaction. The cameras then follow the couple on a date where the partner who called in Brian's expertise, can road test her new "Brian improved" other half.

Each 30 minute episode ends with an honest debrief as we find out whether the boyfriend is a changed man or whether old habits really do die hard…

Brian's Boyfriends ran for 13 weeks during 2003 and was the highest ever rated ITV show for it's timeslot. Below you will find a synopsis of each show, the couple involved, the changes made, and finally whether Brian worked his magic.


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