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No website dedicated to Brian would be complete without the story of how his journey began. Here you will find a brief week-by-week synopsis of Brian's time in the BB house.

Although not every incident and classic Brian moment is captured, we hope you will enjoy this reminder of why we were all spellbound for 9 weeks during the summer of 2001, and why we remain so to this day.


For more details on Brian's journey in the Big Brother house, click on the synopsis titles below:

» Week 1: I'm the Gay, You're the Indian, let's stick together!
» Week 2:
Anyway - back to the hats!
» Week 3:
I'm not a bad person... I'm not at all...
» Week 4:
Bubble - hold me!
» Week 5:
I look like the witch from The Little Mermaid!
» Week 6:
Brian poses for Just 16 - Hi Girls!
Brian poses for Attitude - Hi, I'm Brian ... no you're not!

» Week 7:
Do they call you Big Brother for a reason?
» Week 8:
Blow the F***ing whistle!
» Week 9:
A dog-killing, chicken-hating poof will not win this - just so you both know!


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