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ITV's The Mint - video clips (requires DviX to show video)
Brian Dowling - 'The Mint' video 'Tragedy' - Brian and Bev
Brian Dowling - 'The Mint' video 'Fame' - Brian and Bev
Brian Dowling - 'The Mint' video 'Billie Jean' - Brian and Bev
Brian Dowling - 'The Mint' video 'The Mint - ITV1 trailer' - Brian
Brian Dowling - 'The Mint' video 'Unfaithful' - Brian and Bev
Brian Dowling - 'The Mint' video 'Toxic' - Brian and Bev
Brian Dowling - 'The Mint' video 'Summer Nights' - Brian and Bev
Brian Dowling - 'The Mint' video 'I Would Do Anything For Love' - Brian and Bev
Brian Dowling - 'The Mint' video 'Especially for you' - Brian and Bev
Brian Dowling - 'The Mint' video 'Don't Cha' - Brian and Bev
Brian Dowling - 'The Mint' video 'Crazy In Love' - Brian and Bev

Videos from Absolutely Brian Gallery
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SM:tv Live Exclusive
Brian's best moments on SM:tv Live, shown on his last show (5th July 03)

Other Web Content
Brian & Tess - ITV1 Ident 1 (courtesy of TV Ark)
Brian & Tess - ITV1 Ident 2 (courtesy of TV Ark)
Report on the support for Brian in his home town (courtesy of RTE)
Report on Brian winning Big Brother (courtesy of RTE)
Report on meeting Brian before his appearance on 'The Late Late Show' (courtesy of RTE)

TV Interviews
Brian interviewed on 'The Reality of Reality' for Bravo USA

Brian: O2 In the Park 2005 Advert (August 2005)


Radio Interviews
Brian talks to JK and Joel on Radio 1 (July 13th 2006)
Brian talks to Vernon Kay on his Radio 1 show (June 2004)* (11MB)

Brian Superbowl Advert 1
Brian Superbowl Advert 2
Brian talking about Ulrika Jonsson on BBC3's Celebdaq (8th March 03)
News Report on the night of Big Brother final (courtesy of RTE)
News Report, speaking to Michelle Dowling (Brian's sister) (courtesy of RTE)
News Report on Brian's arrival in Dublin for a book signing (courtesy of RTE)

Big Brother
Housemates sing Happy Birthday to Brian
Housemates uncover the hypnotism prank
Housemates cringe at the smell of cheese
Housemates perform their own Soap Opera
Housemates 'whine' about wine
Brian's commentary as Naz & Elizabeth play tennis
Brian's mock department store announcement
Brian and Bubble arm-wrestle
Brian is freaked out as Bubble adopts a 'hoochieman' persona
Brian and Bubble argue about each other's style
Brian and Dean create their own versions of 'Old McDonald's Farm'
Brian and Dean sing
Brian: "My name's not even Brian, I'm Simon!"
Brian's whimbering, as he spots demons in the boys' bedroom
Brian checks for 'demons' in the girls' bedroom
Brian leaves the Big Brother house a winner!
Josh applies a face pack to Brian's face
Brian likes the sound of the role of a 'fluffer'
Brian thinks that Paddy the dog is gay
Brian gets his headshaved
Brian delivers a rendition of Janet Jackson's 'All for You'
Brian and Josh argue on the night of Brian's birthday
Brian and Josh chat Big Brother up!
Brian claims Josh picks on him constantly
Brian discusses Josh's sex life
Brian impersonates Big Brother's voice in the dance task
Brian locks himself in the store room
Brian and Narinder bitch about the other housemates
Brian is victim to a nominations cockup
Brian introduces Josh to his bedroom responsibilities as a new housemate
Brian introduces himself to Amma as her new 'roomie'
Brian struggles during the Skipping task
Brian is blamed, as the washing line collapses
Brian looks for advice on which bed he should sleep in
Davina goes live to the house to inform Brian and Helen who has won
Brian, Dean & Josh play 'superheroes'
Josh and Brian argue
Josh and Brian flirt
Brian teaches First Aid

Evil Medley - Audio montage
BB2 Best Bits - Audio montage
Strife of Brian - Audio montage
The Life of Brian - Brian audio montage
The Life of Brian - Version 2 - Brian audio montage

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Phone Wallpapers
If you have a colour-screen phone with the ability to change your wallpaper, then you can download our fab Brian wallpapers, free of charge! Simply load up your GPRS/WAP and type in the following URL: "" followed by the suffix that relates to the wallpaper you want to download!











MSN Display Pictures
Download one of our Brian MSN display pictures and plaster your favourite Irishman in to conversations with your contacts, simply save the images below in a memorable place on your computer and change the Display Picture settings within MSN, by browsing for the saved image.


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