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Sport Relief: Superstars - Battle of the Channels (July 2004)
Report from Rachel

We went to Guildford the day before and none of us knew what the day ahead was going to be like. On the Friday night in the hotel we were talking about Brian and wondering what it was going to be like whilst we made a support banner for Brian (well whilst Gemma made the banner!)

On the Saturday morning we were all up early and at the centre where the sports relief superstars was going to be taking place. After a bit of waiting around we were in the corridor waiting to go through to the swimming pool and whilst we were waiting some of the celebrities were walking past…Caprice…Kevin Sacre (Jake from Hollyoaks)…Claire Sweeney…but no Brian. We got shown to the seats next to the swimming pool and we were right at the front, we saw the stands for each of the channels and we realised how close we were going to be to Brian. The wait for the celebs to enter was really nerve-racking; we kept looking over towards the door just to see if we could spot Brian.

Eventually one of us finally spotted Brian stood at the door and he soon started walking in. In a matter of seconds Brian was stood talking to us. It is really hard trying to remember everything he said because it was just so amazing that bits have just been wiped out from our memories but what we can remember is him telling us that he wasn't doing any of the swimming because he cant swim but that he was doing the gym test later on.

Christine gave him a good luck teddy bear, which was holding a four-leaf clover, and he loved it. He was holding onto it for ages afterwards. He read our banner and looked at the pictures, he was saying he had put so much weight on in one of the pictures (we were all like yeah right!). He then had to go and do some autographs for the rest of the crowd. I think we were all in disbelief as to what had just happened (well I know I was!). I just don't think that any of us was expecting to be so close or to even actually talk to him, we were so lucky.

As everything was getting set up for the swimming Brian was stood talking to Claire Sweeney and his channel 4 team mates, it was so good to see just how well he was getting on with them. After the swimming had been recorded (Channel 4 being the winners) the celebs were making their way out and everyone was told to go to the trackside for the gym tests. Before Brian went he came over to say bye and he also said something like "so there's no pressure on me to do well in the gym test now!" It was really sweet of him to come over again.

At the trackside there was a lot of waiting around to do as everything had to be set up but it was good just to watch Brian with everyone else. It was really funny when it started raining as you could just suddenly see Brian panic about getting wet and he was soon holding a piece of paper over his hair whilst running for cover. Although we all got absolutely soaked we didn't actually mind as it was all for Brian, it was totally worth it. After the rain had stopped it was eventually time for the gym tests. Brian had to do triceps dips and he managed to do 24 in 1minute, which was absolutely fantastic. He did so well…even though he didn't win it looked as though he did the most, as he was the only one out of the 4 of them who was actually doing it properly, but never mind.

For the live broadcast in the evening we were able to sit right down on the trackside near the finishing line, which was really close to the celebs friends and family. Brian came out and started warming up for the relay by running up and down the track, he spotted us when he got near us at the finishing line and gave us a quick wave which made us all really happy that he had seen us. We also got chance to talk to Brian's publicist who had recognised Chris from Tess' wedding. He hadn't been there for the whole day so we told him how well Brian had done on the triceps dips. The relay soon started and we were all cheering Brian on when it was his turn to run. When it got to Brian, channel 4 was quite a bit behind the other teams but Brian did really well and managed to shorten the distance between the teams. I don't think any of us could believe how fast Brian had run. He tried really hard (he still looked gorgeous after running so much).

After the relay Brian came over and talked to us again and had pictures taken with us. It was just totally unbelievable that Brian was with us. We thought that that would be the last time we saw Brian but no longer than ten minutes later we were near him again. We saw Brian and his publicist walking towards the entrance of the centre and some people stopped him to have a photo taken. They spotted us on the way in and said hi again. After that we definitely thought that was the last time we would see him but it wasn't, we were sat in a bar inside the centre and some of the celebs were on their way out to go back to the sports relief studio for the end of the show. Most of the celebs got out without being stopped but of course quite a big crowd surrounded Brian. He was looking gorgeous again, this time he had his Louis Vuitton bag on his shoulder, which quite a few people noticed! It was such a fantastic day; he is a lovely guy, such a special person.

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