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Brian Spotted at a Blue Concert (December 2003)
Report from Joanna

The day of the Blue concert finally arrived, which coincidently happened to be taking place on the same day, and same venue as 'The Clothes Show Live'. I knew Brian was going to be there, and it was on my mind a lot during the day. I kept saying 'Imagine if we saw him!'. I'd convinced myself he would stick around for the Blue concert, so I was constantly watching out just incase. We got to the arena and took our seats which were really close, and I put thoughts of Brian to the back of my mind, as we settled down to watch the support acts.

There was a short interval and we were sat there bored when we heard people around us shouting and cheering. I looked up, and about 5 or 6 rows behind me, there he was. My whole body just froze and I put my hands to my mouth as I looked up at him. My friend said to me 'Could your day possibly get any better?'. He looked really cute and I think he spotted me going nuts and went "awww" to whoever he was with. I ran up there and tried to get a photo but I was shaking too much! So I shouted 'I love you Brian' to him , and then the lights went down.

Throughout the gig I kept looking up at him. He looked happy and relaxed, and was singing and dancing along to Blue. During the last song 'One Love', I looked round and saw Brian leaving with a security guard, just metres away from me. It was the perfect way to top such a great day, and I don't think I'll ever get seeing Brian in the flesh!


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